IMG_1192Hi everyone, My name Is Hayley McKinnon, and welcome to my blog. My blog as you could have guessed Is going to consist of Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel related things. I hope that my blog will interest girls and possibly boys of all ages. I will try and make It as Interesting as possible. So grab some coffee or tea, and sit back and enjoy what you see!

I’m going to start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I am 18 years old, Australian, and I was born and raised In a small country town In NSW called Oberon. I graduated high school Last year and I moved straight to the USA. I have currently returned home from living and working In the San Francisco Bay Area as an Au Pair. For those who don’t know an Au Pair Is basically a live In nanny, I have a post up on my blog all about being an Au Pair and my experience, so check that out if your interested. I lived and worked In San Francisco for a year and I returned home at the start of January 2016.

I have had the travel bug from the first time I went overseas, which was a bit over 6 years ago and we went to Fiji. Since then I have been back to Fiji and I’m going back next year for the 3rd time, I have also been to Cambodia, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and some places around Australia. I really want to travel around Europe and Asia, So I’m sure you will see a lot of posts on traveling as It’s something I love to do!

I love all things creative such as Drawing, Painting and photography, you will be seeing some creative posts on my blog, so look out for them.

So I am going to end it here, I hope you enjoyed that little Insight Into my life, and like what you hear and see. Feel free to contact me on my email (beautylifestyletravel@hotmail.com) don’t be shy, I want to be able to help as much as possible! So I hope you enjoy what I produce for you guys, and I look forward to hearing from you all!

Hayley xo


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